About the fair tea foundation.

Fair Tea Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization that works with local businesses in Sri Lanka to improve the health and living conditions of people living and working on tea estates in Sri Lanka.

Social responsibility.

All our local teas are hand-picked, processed and packaged in Sri Lanka. By keeping these activities in the country of origin, we contribute to local economy. But we like to do something extra for the people living and working on and around the tea estates. This are often distant areas where standard facilities are far away. That is why the Fair Tea Foundation is established.

Through this foundation we provide financial and social contribution to projects that make a real impact on the people in Sri Lanka. Particularly focused on education, health care and basic amenities.

Our goal.

Our goal is to provide everyone living and working on the tea estates in Sri Lanka with access to medical facilities and education. In addition, we are looking how living conditions can be further improved. The Fair Tea Foundation lends a helping hand through donations and local aid.

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