Our projects.

Change takes a lot of effort. We donate a fixed amount to the foundation for every sold kilo of our own brands, to guarantee the continuity in the projects we realize annually. Read here about a selection of our projects that we have realized in recent years.

Dangampola – drinking water project

At the elementary school Batathota in the village Dangampola a new water well is realised. Furthermore sanitary facilities are created for the children on this school. Parents of the children on this school are working on the tea estates in this area.

Dambuluwana Health Clinic

De Fair Tea Foundation organised once again a Health Clinic. In the village of Dambuluwana, situated in one of the poorest areas of the tea estates, a temporary medical facility was built. 22 certificated doctors and nurses worked there to offer medical help. This was a great success. Over 700 people of areas close by were treaded or checked. For every patient a medical file was created in which all data about this patient and its condition was collected.

Donation of school supplies

The flood in Sri Lanka affected a lot of families, especially in Ratnapura. Families needed to leave their houses. A lot of supplies have been lost in this flood. Together with the foundation we helped 300 children with new school supplies, like bags and books.

New sanitary building and water facility

Together with the Sithaka Fair Tea Foundation we have contributed on building sanitary facilities and a water well at an elementary school. All children on this school, situated in the village Halpe Upananda Vidiyalaya are very grateful and happy with this. This is why we invest in such projects.

Health Clinic

A temporary health clinic was build in Bambarabotuwa Maha Vidyalaya, situated in Ratnapura. People form this village and villages in the area stood in line for a check up with one of the different doctors. Again, it was a very successful day where a lot of people were helped.

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